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Resist Global Powers

How to resist the Global Powers

To resist global powers you have to make your own research on the current events, study history. "Freedom and Liberty, this is the way of life. The world is full of sorrow and anger, I won't let it take over me."

One should not let these emotions take over them but instead live freely without any fears. What does it mean to be a freedom fighter? It means that one has values and is fighting for them. They're willing to go out of their way and do what they need in order to fight for these values. If someone's passionate about something like liberty or justice then they will put themselves out there in order to stand up for those things even if it might not always be popular with others or make sense logically.

In today's world, staying informed on the latest happenings in politics and current events is important. Doing this will help us be able to resist global powers by learning how they have influenced past events and are trying to influence future ones. History can also teach us about what can happen if we don't stop these global powers. Philosophy teaches that we need to do more than just talk about ideas - we need to put them into action. Understanding the way global powers work, gives us a better chance of stopping them from having too much control over our lives.

Where are we with freedom of expression today?

Freedom of expression is an absolute right. It is important to have the ability to speak freely without any fear of being punished or penalized for what you say. Freedom of expression has been one of the most valued human rights since it was recognized in 1948 and although there are still many people who do not enjoy this freedom, it has been increasing gradually in recent years.

The problem with taking our freedom for granted

The problem with taking our freedom for granted is that it doesn't last. It's only a matter of time before society falls into a dictatorship or fascism. We have to keep fighting and we have to take care of our planet because without it there would be no more life on Earth. The fact is that we are colonized - Our social media is being monitored by the government and our posts are being filtered, modified, censored. - The private sector of our economy is now dominated by a few large corporations who can afford to bribe politicians with campaign contributions. - Wealth inequality has grown to levels not seen since the 1920s. - We have been converted into spectators who vote every four years for one of two political parties that represent basically the same interests. - Today's youth are more likely than any other generation in American history to live in poverty and be unemployed or underemployed.

The costs of freedom violations

In a way, freedom is free. No one has to pay for it. We can't always talk about the cost of freedom because sometimes there are no costs. Freedom shouldn't be taken for granted and not questioned like it's a luxury item or some commodity you have to pay for with money. The costs of not having freedom are more costly than anything we could ever give up in order to get it back again and start living freely again.

Conclusion: We are living in a time of great change, but also a time of great uncertainty. A lot is at stake for the future of our world and the idea that we can maintain some degree of control over it is comforting. However, we can't let ourselves be victims of globalist plans.


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